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Why Cynergy Performance

Cynergy performance is the result of what I think is needed in today’s world to acquire optimal health!

Every single atom, cell, organ, muscle fibre and the fascia within our body is connected and nothing works in isolation. Human physiology is so incredible and interconnected that even our grandmother’s health and diet will have had an impact on us and our health. Our grandmothers provided the mineral foundation for our mother’s and our mother’s provided the mineral foundation for us!

Sadly, it is the norm for people in today’s world to start off life with mineral imbalances.

However, most of us don’t realise until a long time down the road. Starting off life without the right supply of minerals (from depleted mother’s) plays a huge role in preventing us from living a healthy and resilient life.

Our world as we know it today is vastly different from the world a hundred years ago.

Never in history have our soils been so depleted and void of minerals and nutrients as they are today. Humans are becoming more and more mineral depleted, and it only gets worse with every new generation that is being born. Minerals are what run our bodies and are like spark plugs for the thousands of enzymes within our body. Insufficient or imbalanced minerals will lead to a variety of symptoms such as allergies, food intolerances, adrenal fatigue, low iron, autoimmune, depression, anxiety and more.

We live lives that are disconnected from reality and nature and produce nothing but stress.

We confuse artificial poison with nourishing food, we confuse being kept alive by machines and pharmaceuticals with health, we confuse short term pleasure with long term happiness and most importantly we are being misled and misfed and the truth is being kept away from us.

We conduct our lives inside our four walls, flooded with artificial LED lights, constantly being exposed to highly disruptive EMFs. Natures wisdom to connect with the earths healing frequencies via our bare feet has long time been forgotten and prevented.

In 24 hours, we are being overwhelmed by and exposed to the amount of information, which fifty years ago, people would have been exposed to in their whole lifetime!

Environmental toxins are at an all-time high.

Nobody teaches us about optimal biomechanics, how to move efficiently and how the human body was designed to move. If we move or ‘’work out’’, we do it in ways which only further exaggerate and amplify our degeneration!

We are not aware of our habits and behaviour which are the result of our childhood conditioning and trauma, keeping us stuck in and easily falling back into fight or flight. We have never learned how to cope with stressful situations neither are we equipped to teach our children how to do it…hence why the generational cycle perpetuates itself.

Eventually, we find ourselves with symptoms of dis-ease which are getting worse as time goes by until we end up in doctors’ offices emptying our bag of symptoms on their desk to wait for them to look up which diagnosis identifies with our symptoms so we can walk around being treated for that particular label they have given us, for the rest of our life’s.

As a result, humanity’s health is deteriorating at rapid speed with no end in sight.

To turn things around we need to start anew.

We need to forget everything we have learned and taught to be true. We need to take radical responsibility for our health. We need to become aware, address and release our individual traumas which we are carrying around. We need to become aware of our destructive habits and what is happening to our environment and soils. We need to relearn what nourishing food truly means and looks like. We need to innerstand that minerals are the foundation of our health and that consequently, their imbalance or lack of will eventually be our downfall.

We need to correct our biomechanics and the way we move which has become severely impacted by our sedentary lifestyles and bad habits, further increasing the burden that is being placed on our health and our bodies.

We need to innerstand that everything in life is interconnected!

Cynergy Performance is a unique system that takes all that into consideration and will teach, guide and give you the tools to create optimal health, if you are willing to take radical responsibility for your life!

Are you ready to improve your health at a cellular level and enjoy optimal biomechanics?

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