What Is The Root Cause Protocol (RCP)?

The Root Cause Protocol is a research and science-based approach and understanding of life to support our bodies back to balance and optimal health by utilising natures wisdom via predominantly food-based minerals, vitamins and stress management and reduction. It has been designed to help people to optimise their conversion of oxygen to release ATP (energy) efficiently with MINIMAL exhaust. We are aiming to optimise our metabolism and energy production via magnesium and bioavailable copper. We are aiming to increase the bioavailability of copper to decrease the accumulation of unbound iron in the body, while simultaneously reducing the magnesium burn rate (MBR). We want to repair mineral imbalances that are the root cause of both persistent fatigue and nearly all other health challenges.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have any awareness about what effect minerals have got on our body, and why they are so important. The interplay between minerals, vitamins and other nutrients as a whole, is often overlooked especially when we aren’t feeling our best.

Usually, we are also not being taught, what impact stress has got on our whole system and how those minerals and nutrients are impacted by stress.

What’s unique about the RCP, is the focus on building a connection between nutrients and nutrient balance in our bodies and understanding what stress has got to do with it.

We start by stopping specific items which are typically synthetic or manufactured nutrients which increase our oxidative stress, damage to our cells, and mess with the overall metabolic systems within the body. We call this “Phase 0”. 

We then slowly introduce core nutrients one by one through Phases 1 to 3, plus an additional “Phase X” with activities or nutrients which can be introduced at the time that feels right for the individual. 

What sort of nutrients are we talking?

Whole food sources of Vitamin C (not synthetic ascorbic acid!), Vitamin A (pre-formed retinol) via sources like free range pastured eggs, grassfed butter, cod liver oil and grassfed beef liver, an ‘’ancestral’’ diet consisting of seasonal ideally organic foods to get magnesium, copper, electrolytes and other trace elements that are required for our metabolic recycling systems to work efficiently. 

Sounds too easy!?

It might seem very simple, maybe too simple, but it’s worth taking your time to learn more before dismissing it.

Kristan Kershaw, one of the brains behind the RCP, coined the phrase simplicity and enormity of the RCP.

There is extensive research behind every inclusion of the phases, and it goes into biochemistry at the mitochondrial and cellular level… but the simplicity is that you can achieve to reduce symptoms, increase energy and feel more “like yourself” with the right core nutrients.

The RCP is supporting the building blocks in your body, so that it can ignite and bring things back online which may not have been able to operate effectively or even have been dormant due to underlying imbalances.

Even if you have been told repeatedly that “you’re fine” from your practitioners, your blood tests all seem normal etc. you may have imbalances. Many practitioners are not trained extensively in minerals, vitamins or nutrition and often only spend a few hours of training in these areas. It’s not often covered in ongoing professional development too, so their scope is minimal in this area compared to the emergency medicine and symptom management they are often extremely well trained in.

Morley Robbins is the researcher and founder of the RCP, and he has spent over 15 years bringing together research from around the world on iron, copper, magnesium, retinol (Vitamin A) and electrolytes. It’s a unique and really deep look at physiology and metabolics but presented in a way that everybody can understand.

You can read more on the RCP website here:

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