What Is The RCP Blood Panel?

As mentioned before, a HTMA gives us feedback over a period of several months and even though a blood tests serves as a snapshot in time it is still just as important when it comes to determining minerals balance.

The blood test will tell us what’s happening that minute the blood was taken and will give us exact amounts in the blood. Hence, it’s a very precise and accurate way of testing.

The blood work is brilliant when it comes to determining the dysregulation and status of minerals and nutrients that are crucial for energy production and a well-functioning iron recycling system. It shows how effectively or efficiently the iron recycling system is working. It gives us a clear set of data which will show where these markers are at.

It will show the exact amounts of iron, copper, magnesium and retinol (real pre-formed Vitamin A) which without it, copper can’t become bioavailable.

If you are worried or have been told by your practitioner to worry about your Vitamin D status and supplement with Vitamin D, then it would be wise and worth to get the full RCP blood panel which will give you a clear picture of what is happening with your Vitamin D, by measuring the storage, as well as the active Vitamin D component. Only by including the active Vitamin D status, you can truly get an understanding of the Vitamin D dynamic within your body.

Magnesium in the red blood cell (RBC) is a very important marker as it plays a vital role in being able to create energy, ATP.

A marker that has recently been added to the RCP blood panel is Uric Acid. If our body is not able to create energy, it will create Uric Acid.

Whenever we hear the word uric acid, most of us would think of gout. However, if you think of gout being the top of the Mount Everest, imagine the rest of the Mount Everest being the chaos that is being produced within the body by Uric Acid.

The importance of Uric Acid is that when it is inside the cell, it has different properties than when it’s outside the cell. And when it’s outside the cell, in the bloodstream, it is an antioxidant.

When it’s inside the cell, it is a pro-oxidant, which is not a good thing.

So, Uric Acid is an important marker because energy deficiency is real, and it manifests as Uric Acid.

We are always going to produce Uric Acid, but it will become an issue when it starts to resemble black smoke coming out of the exhaust of your car, because that’s what Uric Acid is on a cellular level! It shows us how much exhaust we are putting out!

Put together, the HTMA and the blood work and you’ll have a brilliant and unique combination of really digging down into what’s happening within your body on a cellular level and will show you the degree of stress you’re under!