What Is Functional Patterns (FP)?

I have spent more than a decade in professional sport and have worked with some of the best doctors, physiotherapists, athletic coaches in the field. I tried various approaches and systems to reverse and address my biomechanical dysfunctions in order to achieve peak performance, be healthy and enjoy my sport.

Being a Functional Patterns Human Foundation Practitioner myself and experiencing the impact of working with an experienced certified Functional Patterns Practitioner on my own body, I have come to the conclusion, that in my humble opinion, there is no system and approach that I have come across that is as efficient and effective and applies to reality in the way Functional Patterns does. The results Functional Patterns practitioners get all around the world with their clients on a daily basis speak for themselves. 

When aiming to achieve optimal health, similar to the RCP, FP doesn’t focus on the presenting symptoms and instead aims to address the whole system at its root. The goal for each and every one of us should be to move, but more importantly, to move EFFICIENTLY!

FP teaches exactly that and is a system that addresses and corrects our biomechanics from the root.

The RCP has been designed to help people create energy efficiently on a cellular level with minimal exhaust.

FP has been designed to help people move efficiently with minimal exhaust!

Put those two systems together and you have just created the perfect recipe for true health and longevity!

Addressing and correcting your ‘’Mechanotransduction’’ in the way Functional Patterns does, is very likely the number one focus everyone should have and start with when wanting to achieve optimal health and longevity.

The following words have been taken from the Function Patterns website directly about what Functional Patterns stands for:

Functional Patterns is a unique system and approach to health movement and biomechanics. FP trains the whole organism in relation to its biological characteristics.

Think about whatever animal you choose to train, you do it with the foremost goal of optimizing its primary functions. Fish swim, birds fly, and dogs walk on four legs.

What do humans do?

Standing, walking, running, and throwing were the four most important movements for human survival.

These movements are what experts characterize as bipedal and revolve around the contralateral reciprocation of the arms and legs. These are just fancy words to describe the motions that humans use to get from point A to point B.

What’s important is not necessarily to memorize these terms, but what it means for the application of movement, fitness and exercise techniques aimed at optimizing your human biology!

Functional Patterns has gone through the rigorous process of taking these complicated ideas and made a functional training program around them that anyone can do.

When it comes to the concept of fitness, there’s hundreds of definitions for what’s functional and what’s not…

FP has taken a first principle’s approach, shedding away all the ambiguities and getting down to what works. At the end of the day, we’re all human and our anatomical structures are similar enough that we all function in predictable and characteristic patterns.

By breaking it down into the most fundamental components, FP defines ‘functional’ on the shared functions that anthropologists say define our human species from every other animal on planet earth: The FP First Four — Standing, Walking, Running, and Throwing.

FP was designed to optimize the first four human movements: Standing, Walking, Running, and Throwing.

If you learn what it takes to precisely execute these movements to the highest degree, the benefits will transfer to literally every other movement you do.

Whether it be a passive position like sitting, an athletic position like cutting laterally, or any other movement configuration – optimizing these four functions means that you improve your entire movement spectrum. Instead of trading fitness for function or vice versa, you get both simultaneously!

If you are a human, FP is for you. No matter your body type, physical ability, or level of exercise know-how, if you’re a human then you will find benefit from this program.

So, if you are having any doubts, rest assured that FP accommodates people of all levels, backgrounds, and disabilities. And it has got the results to prove it!

So, stop with the guessing, injuries and constant joint pain in your body. Discover the blueprint to transforming your movement with Functional Patterns. Take control of your body and biomechanics now!

To find out more visit the Functional Patterns website here: https://functionalpatterns.com/ or check out the Instagram page to see some of the incredible success stories: https://www.instagram.com/functionalpatterns/