Medical Disclaimer


All information and suggestions provided and listed on Cynergy Performance´s website, and by me Collin Quaner, is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY

Reliance on any advice by myself, Collin Quaner, or from Cynergy Performance is applied


The Client must understand that he or she is receiving wellness coaching to improve overall health. The Client must agree that he or she is receiving suggestions to improve his or her health. It is the Clients choice and responsibility to improve their own health. The Client must understand that these are only suggestions and they have not received any guarantees regarding those suggestions.

Please consult with appropriate medical professionals before implementation. You and your physicians alone are responsible for determining what medications to take and if any recommended treatments, protocols, and/or supplements are contraindicated.

Cynergy Performance is not responsible for errors or omissions, nor is required or responsible to provide up-to-date edits of the information provided on the website, social media, associated accounts, and/or directly to clients. As new research appears, I will do my best to provide continual updates.

Cynergy Performance is primarily a service provider for assistance and support with goal achievement, based on the actuality of information provided by the Client. Although every effort will be made by the Consultant to obtain accurate health information, the advice and suggestions given will be limited by the Consultant’s knowledge and resources based off of the Client’s provided information.

All Clients must agree to the provisions in this disclaimer before booking an appointment.

If you have a question about or issue with this disclaimer, please contact me via email at with your inquiry.